3 strategies to choose the ideal slot for you

Most people think that playing slots is a matter of luck, others believe that it is the temperature of the machine or others think that inserting cold coins is a good idea, but these are just urban legends or ill-founded beliefs.

Therefore, if you still don’t know which slot is good for you, this review will give you some answers. For this reason, today we want to clear all kinds of doubts and give you 3 strategies to help you choose the best slot for you.

First of all, you should be clear about what type of experience you are looking for and that is closely related to your player profile. You are a quiet player, or you are looking for some action or maybe you are an aggressive player. https://www.3win99.com/my/en-us/

How the slots work

These types of Casino games use a program called Random Number Generator (RNG) that constantly generates numbers. These numbers determine where the reel will go the next time you turn it.

Each print run is an independent process and there is no relationship between one and the other.

However, you should know that this system is programmed to give the casino a small advantage, the casino always wins regardless of the time you play. This is how this particular game is designed.

However, that does not mean that you cannot be the winner in a short period of time.

Strategy 1: by bonus features

These are important for two reasons:

Because they provide a bonus for both the base game and bonuses. The ones that pay the most for spin bets are based on special symbols and features.

The second because they mark the level of interaction between the machine and the player. In conclusion, these are aspects that will bring greater realism to your gaming experience.

On the subject of bonuses, the issue of volatility is fundamental, since one of the indicators of the award style of a slot They are classified into three types high, medium and low, and determines the relationship between spins and rewards:

Low volatility

Prizes more frequently but not of high amount. Maintains a more or less constant pace, in which you get 3 or 5 Reward Spins.

Average volatility

Prizes with a high frequency to keep you on your toes, but which tend to be delayed in series of spins without reward. They are usually exciting games but at the same time quiet.

High volatility

To get a prize it will take time but as soon as it is obtained it will be higher. Without a doubt, they are fast-paced and action-packed slots.

Strategy 2: Select a slot based on its payout characteristics.

If your thing is to win without stories, then this will definitely be your number one strategy, without a doubt, high-frequency slots are a good idea. There are two types:

Those that pay small amounts but more frequently and those that pay large amounts but in long intervals of time.

Yes, definitely your thing is to go all out with high profits, we advise you to opt for the slots that pay more frequently since with it you will have a better chance of winning.

Look at the RTP:

In general, the slots have an RTP above 96.5%, they will be low volatility, and below 94%, high volatility. So you should measure the distance between the highest prizes on the pay table and the lowest: if it is very large, the game has high volatility.

The same for special symbols like wilds, scatters and special bonus symbols. Check if they are restricted to only some reels (high volatility), or if they appear stacked or are able to completely cover one or more reels (low volatility). If the game has fixed or progressive jackpots, it is very likely to have high volatility.

Strategy 3: by the dynamics of the slot

If you are looking to have a good time, and enjoy yourself, the best thing to do is choose slots with an easy and happy theme and why not, funny.

Therefore discard serious themed slots, better look for games that have a low volatility and a high RTP, like Bubble Craze or Starburst. If then you are looking to disconnect to a quiet slot, then you should try Pharaoh’s Fortune and Balloonies.

But if yours is to live an interactive experience, choose one of the latest generation based on your favorite series or movies such as: Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park among others. There are also neat graphics and simple animations that can make you have a great time.

In this type of game, it is not so much about establishing a rhythm according to your game dynamics. It is more important that you like the theme, and that the 3win2u malaysia games have what you are looking for.

Author: Joseph Ramos

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